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Wood pallets can be great for storage, but they also can have some pretty cute and useful applications as well.
When you see a wood pallet you probably don’t think too much about it, other than how useful it is to ship large cargo or for use in storing large quantities of objects.
But these wood pallets actually have many other uses that some may not think about just by looking at them.
Here are seven fun and creative ideas for wood pallets that are more out of the box, but will leave you wanting to get some for yourself to try them out.

1. A DIY ottoman

Ottomans are a great and trendy piece of home décor that can really transform a living space and also add some much-needed seating or place to rest your feet.
The problem is that sometimes to find the right one that is large enough and the right size and color to fit your room can be difficult and expensive.
But with a challenger pallet or other types of wood pallets, you can actually make your own!
All it takes is some material and padding and wallah! You have a cute ottoman you made yourself that perfectly fits in your living room at a fraction of the price.

2. A cute and rustic coffee table

Just like the ottoman, most people need or want a cute coffee table to put in their living room.
A great way to save some money and go with the rustic and farmhouse decorative style that is pretty popular is to use a wood pallet to make a coffee table.
You can make it really simple and just sand and add a top coat or two, or get more creative and put two together and add another piece of wood on top and four legs on the bottom and paint it to the color of your liking.

3. A shoe shelf

Have a lot of shoes and nowhere to put them? A wood pallet could be the answer to your problem!
All you have to do is cut the pallet to your liking and the ridges in between each pallet become a great place to put all your shoes.

4. An easy headboard

Headboards are a piece of furniture that can really take your bed to the next level but can also be pretty pricey.
Wood pallets can be used to make an awesome headboard that you can transform to however you want it to look without spending a lot of money.

5. Affordable garden boxes

Been thinking about starting a garden?
Just gather a couple of wood pallets together and fill them with dirt and plants and you have yourself some affordable garden boxes.

6. Cool pot rack

As was said before, the rustic look is really in, and using wood pallets in your kitchen as a hanging pot rack is a great way to tie in that trend.
Not only will it look great, but it will mean easy access to your pots and pans when you need them to cook up a delicious meal.

7. Pinterest worthy art

Have a blank wall that is just screaming for a piece of art? A wood pallet can be the answer to that problem.
Just paint over one or two with some bright paint or paint a cute pattern on them and you’ve got yourself some cute art for the wall for basically free.


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