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We all know rain is an important part of keeping plant life healthy and our environment clean, but an unplanned rainy day can easily fill you with disappointment or a desire to throw out the To Do list.

But don’t let the rain get you down! Your day can be salvaged and even be relaxing with some of these rainy day activities to do while you’re on your own.

New Recipe
A rainy day is perfect for spending an afternoon cooking up a dish you’ve been craving but haven’t ever made before. You can pour over Pinterest to find the perfect recipe you want to try, then run to the grocery store (which most people will put off until a sunny day) and pull together any ingredients you don’t already have.

This can be especially fun when you get to buy new spices or grains that can be used in other new recipes you’ve had your eye on. And don’t forget the pay off: eating the fruits of your labors in your favorite chair.

Movie Marathon
If you’re not in denial about how nonexistent your motivation is now that the rain’s turned up, there’s nothing better than binge-watching an old favorite.

Whether you’re laughing through all nine seasons of The Office or devouring The Lord of the Rings trilogy like it’s the first time, you won’t be disappointed in reliving your favorite quotes and moments over again.

Fun Appointment
Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of staying in bed on a rainy day. Instead, you have to get out and battle the elements to visit friends who need help, the dentists in Blackfoot, and a bank across town.

If you’re going to be out attending appointments anyway, set up one more to help you relax. A good massage, haircut, or pedicure may be the quick fix you need to make it through the rest of a gray day.

Project from the Backburner
When you have all day to spend as you please but aren’t one for basking in doing nothing, it’s time to look at your hobbies–past and present–and take on one of those projects you were so excited to do but could never find the time.

You can lose yourself in learning something new without leaving the house or feeling guilty for staying there all day. Don’t have a project you like? Start a new hobby, or at least planning for one, like sewing, drawing, or nail art.

A cloudy day could be a perfect time to beat the crowds at a nearby museum or gallery you’ve been dying to visit. Give yourself a few hours to wander the halls, stopping to appreciate the most intriguing pieces.

You can treat yourself to a special souvenir from the gift shop or your favorite coffee from their cafe, which I know you were thinking about during the whole visit anyway.

Your Favorite Book
If you can’t bring yourself to get outside the box, your favorite book will still be on the shelf, happy to be read again for the hundredth time. You can forget about the rain by diving into the story instead. And if you finish it, there’s always that pile of to-be-read books you’ve been hoarding.
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