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Because the trails and roads less traveled are calling your name.
Off-roading; there is nothing like it. The feeling of going where not too many people have gone, driving through rough terrain and seeing how far you can push your vehicle.
Off-roading takes a Sunday drive to the next level, and it can be an adventure to see things you have never seen before. Whether you have a Polaris rzr or a Jeep Wrangler; you know how to push your vehicle to climb the steepest climbs or push through the thickest mud.  
From the dunes to the mountains there are so many options and places to see when it comes to off-roading, especially here in the United States.
If you love to travel and take your road vehicle off the road, here are five pretty amazing and fun places to go off-roading.
Moab, Utah
One of the most well-known areas to go off-roading, it has some beautiful views and great terrain.
This area is especially good for a vehicle not built for super-heavy duty off-roading, as there are more smooth trails that offer the experience of off-roading without some of the too rough terrains. But it is still great for vehicles that are ready to make the steep climbs.
Also, the red-rock makes a beautiful backdrop and the rock formations make it a great sight to see.
Shiloh Ridge, Texas
According to, this place is one of the ultimate destinations for lovers of off-roading.
It’s actually known as the first original off-road park in Texas. Whether you have an Off-road vehicle, ATV, or motorcycle, all are welcome there.
It has fun activities such as mudding, camping, and even live entertainment.
Azusa Canyon, California
If getting your vehicle down and dirty is your off-roading style then this is the place for you.
It is actually the only state-owned and operated mud mecca in Southern California, according to
The mud comes from runoff from the San Gabriel River, making it full of bogs and deep mud.
Nothing says “I just went off-roading” more than a vehicle caked in mud.
Elk City Historic Wagon Road, Idaho
If you want to combine history, great views, and off-roading, this trail in Idaho is the place for you.
Along with this trail are 29 historic points that are interesting to see and pertinent to the state’s history and some of the state’s early pioneers.
You can camp along the trail, even though there are no formal camping grounds.
Saint Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho
Up to 400 feet sand dunes offer some great off-road thrills and fun and are obviously great for dune buggies and ATVs as well. This is a popular spot for many who love to off-road, and once you catch a glimpse of these vast dunes just 50 miles north-west of Idaho Falls you will see why.
There are several roads and trails to follow, as well as camping and lodging. Plus, if you are in need of supplies or gas there are several places to find food and stock up nearby.
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