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Here are a few ways to make safety training more than just another boring meeting.
It’s that time of the year again, where all the employees are required to do safety training.
You know and they know that it is required by law that they attend this training, and they begrudgingly come and sit down.
You put in the typical workplace safety training videos, ask questions, maybe quiz them a little, and then it’s done for the next couple months or year.
But is there a way your employees could perhaps get a little more from these meetings? And even possibly have fun?
Here are six ways to show it is possible, and make it the one meeting they always look forward to.

1. Healthy competition

Nothing perks up a group more than some healthy competition, and this can be a great way to get everyone involved in safety training but in a fun way.
Split your employees into groups and perhaps after watching the workplace safety training videos or reading materials do a jeopardy style game to see who know the most.
Maybe even give out actual prizes to the winners, that way every time you have this meeting people will be coming wanting to learn and wanting to win.

2. Hide some fun “Easter eggs”

Disney does something fun in each of their movies where they hide a little character or item from one movie in another.
When creating your workplace safety training video hide some fun and also important “Easter eggs” in the video and ask your employees to look out for them as they watch.
Then at the end of the video do a questionnaire where they have to answer both safety questions and what Easter eggs they found, and once again give a prize out to the one who found the most.
Not only will they have a laugh, but they will be more likely to pay attention to the important information they need to learn.

3. Create a sketch

And by sketch, it’s sketch comedy, not something they draw.
Split people into groups and ask them to create their own mini safety training sketches, and perform them for each other.
It will be sure to cause many laughs as well as make the meeting highly entertaining.

4. Safety from Mad-libs

After watching the necessary videos and learning the necessary information, have your employees practice feeling out important paperwork mad-lib style.
This means going around asking for random names, verbs, actions, and adjectives.
The result will be employees who are familiar with the right forms know how to properly fill them out, but also probably a lot of laughs and fun in the process.

5. Tell some interesting stories

Nothing draws attention more than an exciting or compelling story, so it’s a great way to open or close a meeting.
Pick one or two people to share some nail-biting or funny story having to do with the training. This way it draws the employees attention in while also keeping the training relevant and on topic.

6. Put the safety gear to the test

If your employees are required to wear some type of safety gear, a fun way to get them involved would be to put the safety gear to the test.
Let the employees come up and try to destroy or penetrate the gear and see if it holds up.
Or show the comparison of trying to do something harmful to the right safety gear versus the wrong one, and let them see which actually holds up. For some, this could be the way it stays imprinted on their minds to actually wear and use the right safety gear.

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