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Weeds are the bane of your beautiful garden, and here are a few ways to keep them at bay.
It’s springtime, and your beautiful garden is beginning to bloom. What’s also starting to bloom however is a nice big patch of weeds.
It’s the same thing every year, and you are getting tired of spending 75% of the time in your garden weeding.
So what can you do to protect your plants and keep your garden weed free?
Here are five ways to get rid of weeds and hopefully keep them from coming back.

1. Know when to pull and when not to pull

Pulling out certain weeds at the wrong time can actually make your weed problem worse rather than better.
Weed control is sadly not as simple as just seeing a weed and pulling it out. A good rule of thumb is that when it’s wet outside, like after it has just rained, it’s a good time to pull out the weeds.
When it’s drier outside use a hoe to slice the top of weeds off, and in these conditions, the weeds root will die. Just make sure the heads of the weeds are severed from their root and you are good to go.

2. Keep plants close together

Weed control in Idaho Falls can be something as simple as making sure that there aren’t too many large gaps for weeds to creep up through in your plants.  
By having plants close together it creates the ability for weeds to get to the sun and other nutrients they need to grow, so the chances of them being able to thrive there go way down.

3. Kill them with mulch

Mulch is a win, win in a garden because it gives great nutrients to your plants to help them grow but also acts as weed control by not allowing the weeds access to the sun. Also, organic mulch can bring certain types of insects that love to feed on weeds.
Another way to work with mulch and make it that more effective is to put landscape fabric, that way you don’t have to worry about spaces where the mulch isn’t and where those weeds will try to pop up.

4. Be careful not to get weed crazy

Weeds are sneaky, and pulling some weeds out can actually release their seed pods, which only spread more weeds. Which is exasperating, to say the least.
When weeding mare sure to not get too over-zealous and try to pull out all the weeds without pulling out their roots and spreading their seeds.
Make sure to follow the advice above by only pulling them out in the times or in the manner when you know it will actually be effective.

5. Water plants, not weeds

One of the best ways to kill off those pesky weeds is to prevent them from getting water.
One way to do this is to only water the mulch that surrounds your plants because then the mulch will soak up the moisture and give it to the plants, but the weeds won’t get a drop.
It’s important to make sure there are no sneaky weeds in the mulch drinking up the water, so just remove those as needed.
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