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Are you looking for more books that you can read with your children but don’t want to spend a lot on something you might only read a few times? Then you’re in luck. Reading is so good for young children, even if you’re the one doing all the reading. And what better books to read than imaginative books that teach about good dental hygiene?

Desert Hills Dental, pros in cosmetic dentistry in Farmington, helped us put together this list of educational tooth books that will entertain and teach your children.

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss books, or if you want to bring a little nostalgia into your reading with your little ones, then you have to get The Tooth Book. This book is entertaining and sure to get you and your child laughing before you finish.

Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth, written by a New York Times bestselling author, will bring you on the adventure of this fun cat. Pete the cat gets recruited by the tooth fairy, but when a tooth gets lost, will he be able to find it in time?

Read this book with your child to experience the adventure and find out what happens.

This board book from Scholastic is the perfect book to help your toddler learn how to brush their teeth and get them excited about reading! With colorful illustrations and an intuitive story, your child won’t want to put this book down.

Based on famous “Night Before Christmas” poem, this story has a fun tale of a common problem that many children face – a stubborn loose tooth that just won’t fall out. Read this humorous story with your child to get them excited about losing teeth and growing up.

This educational book will help your child learn about all different types of teeth, and even give them some insight as to what it would be like if their own teeth were replaced with the animal’s. Every animal has teeth that are just right for them, and by the end of this book your child will know why their teeth are perfect for them too.
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