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If you plan to take your children to Thailand for a vacation, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep them entertained throughout your visit. Thailand is a fascinating country that features many kid-friendly attractions and activities. Here are a few tips to make your trip to Thailand with the kids a memorable experience.

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Choose the Right Foods
Many Thai dishes are known for their spiciness, which may not be very appealing to some kids. Grilled and fried chicken edibles along with sticky rice can be purchased from many street stalls and are foods that your children will likely enjoy. Other Thai foods that children often find appealing include the chicken stir-fry with cashews and the Hainanese chicken rice.

Visit the Best Sites
Some of the country’s top places of interest are ideal for children and provide great ways to learn more about the country’s culture and history. Exploring the Grand Palace in Bangkok will give your children the opportunity to learn about Thai royalty and see some of the most spectacular architectural masterpieces ever created. The city of Chiang Mai is famous for its vast national parks and world-class zoo. If your children enjoy spending time at the beach, Phuket province will be the perfect place to visit. You can even purchase a vacation package from or a similar operator that includes visits to many of the country’s most popular places.

Beware of Animals
Your children should avoid playing with animals that aren’t housed in an animal attraction. Certain pets are known to carry rabies and other diseases that could be especially harmful to young people. Wild monkeys can also be aggressive. If your children go swimming in the ocean, they should be on the lookout for jellyfish and dragonfish that are known to sting people. Other potentially dangerous animals in Thailand that children should avoid include snakes, spiders and stray dogs.

Utilize Public Transportation
Traveling along public transportation routes will be more fun for your kids than renting a car or taking a private shuttle. The BTS Skytrain in Bangkok travels on an elevated track above the streets and offers the perfect way to see much of the city. The small taxis known as tuk-tuks are common throughout the country and especially fun for children. Many parts of Thailand also feature water buses that take passengers to certain locations by boat.

Thailand is a wonderful place for children, and your kids will likely appreciate you even more if you take them there for a vacation. Knowing what to expect before you arrive will make it easier for you and your children to have a great time.

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