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Now that the holidays are over, you need something to keep yourself entertained. So you do some random Google searches, watch some Youtube videos, and scroll through Facebook. Well lucky for you, our friends at Klondike Brands, pros in healthy potatoes, have found some interesting things for you to try out now. Here’s a list of unusual things that you didn’t know you could do with potatoes.

1. Make stamps.
If you need some fun activities for kids after school, try making potato stamps. All you need are potatoes, a knife, small cookie cutters, and some water-based paint for this unique activity. Find a full tutorial for making potato stamps at The Spruce.

2. Make electricity.
Whether you’re a doomsday prepper or want to do a fun science experiment with kids, making electricity with potatoes is great for both. This is a great educational project that will (hopefully) leave your kids curious to learn more – or it will help you prepare for the end, your choice.

Find instructions for this experiment at Teach Engineering.

3. Make plastic.
Now not everyone will be able to do this one without the right equipment and materials, but it’s interesting to learn about! There’s a company in Idaho called BiologiQ that manufactures plastic using potatoes. They’ve created their own BioBlend to make sustainable plastic resin pellets that are used in the production of industrial plastics.

4. Grow roses.
Yes, you read that right. You can grow roses from a potato. You still need the bud of a rose, but you can plant it directly into a potato to grow beautiful roses. Learn all about this unique potato ability at Gardening Know How.

5. Remove rust.
Do you have some old cast iron pans that are a little on the rusty side? Potatoes are a wonderful tool for removing rust. They’re inexpensive, natural, and you can find them at just about any grocery store. For full instructions on how to remove rust with potatoes, visit Kitchn.  
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