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Many people tend to feel down during the holidays, despite (and maybe sometimes because of) the close proximity to family and friends during this time of year. So, some vets in Idaho Falls out together these sweet animals to bring you all a little Christmas cheer. Who can resist smiling at adorable animals dressed in Santa hats?

Snow Pup
How cute is this little guy?
We Three Pets!
These pets are so good, posing for this picture. Doesn’t it make you want to send your Christmas cards out?
Santa’s Helper
This greyhound is all too happy to be Santa’s little helper this year. Wouldn’t your pet look good in a Santa hat too?
Blue Christmas
Don’t let your pets have a blue Christmas without you! Cheer them up with some cuddles and treats this holiday season.
Photo Op!
Here’s another great look for a Christmas card for all you bunny lovers out there!

Photo Flop!
Nice try little guinea pig! Do you struggle trying to dress your pets up, too?
Christmas Baby
If you have any new puppies that need a home, Christmas is the perfect time to look for a loving family that will take them in.

Kitty Love
Do you have a kitten that loves crawling into bags? Try giving them a big Santa hat, and enjoy the pictures you can get.
If you felt as drawn to these animals as we did while putting this gallery together, you might consider adopting a pet this holiday season. Look for an animal shelter near you and give an animal the best gift of all this holiday season – a forever home.

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