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With the holidays just around the corner, many spouses might be stressing out about what to get their loved one for Christmas. We have come up with this list of gifts that will show your significant other that you care. Don’t wait until the last minute to get her a gift. Start now and put some thought into it, whether you are making it yourself or buying something you know she’ll love, make it count.
1. Monograms
For the home decorator, find a beautiful piece to hang up in the bedroom. With monogram vinyl letters, you can give her something that represents your wedding day and your love for one another. Whether it’s monogram wood letters or vinyl letters in a beautiful frame, she is sure to love it and can find the perfect place in your home to place it.
2. Manicure in a Jar
Does your girl like to pamper herself? Or better yet, does she enjoy it when you pamper her? Most women do, so it will be hard to go wrong with this gift. Observe her for a couple weeks and take notice when shopping if she points out certain makeup or nail polish colors that she wishes she had. If you don’t already know it, discover what her favorite color is and use that to put some thought into this gift. Find all the items you need for this sweet gift at Weekend Craft.
3. Mug
Is coffee a staple in your relationship? Maybe a mug is a suitable gift for her. And yes, even though it’s a mug, you can still put some thought into it. What’s her favorite show, phrase, movie, character, or color? Find a mug that represents her personality, or one that will make her laugh out loud. You can find this cute mug at Sweet Water Décor, but don’t just take the one we like, find one that she will love.
4. Couples Gift
Get her a gift that you can both share. Whether it’s matching sweatshirts, pajama pants, mugs, t-shirts, or these sweet pillowcases, do the couple thing. Of course, not everyone loves the matchy thing, but if she does, then this could be the perfect gift! Take some time to reflect on the things she likes the most, and put that into one of these great couples’ gifts.
5. Recipe Box
Is she the cook in the family? Then get her this beautiful personalized wooden recipe box. She can save all of her favorite recipes in it, and be reminded of you every time she cooks. You can even go a step further and make her one yourself if you’re handy with woodworking.

Don’t just take our word for gifts that she will love. Pay notice to the things she talks about this holiday season, she may be dropping hints to make sure you get her just what she wants. Or she might not know what she wants, and a thoughtful gift will be just the thing she needs.  
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