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Winter is nearly upon us, and you know what that means – winter activities! There is an abundance of fun things to do with your family in the winter, so don’t think that just because it’s cold that means you need to sit around at home all winter. Get out and do something!

1. Sledding
If you live near the mountains or someplace where the snow is inevitable, enjoy it! Go pick up some inner tubes or snow disks and have a family sledding day. You can race down the hills, and back up them. Make a train and slide down the hill. Just remember to wear sunscreen and pack water and snacks.
2. Ice Skating
Whether you live where it’s cold enough to have an outdoor ice skating rink or have an indoor one close by, this is a great activity to do with the whole family. Be sure to dress in layers for this activity, because it’s cold on the ice, but you’ll warm up fast once you start having fun. Go out for hot cocoa afterwards and create some fun memories.
3. Horse Drawn Carriage
How fun would it be to get pulled around by horses in a sleigh? Many places do this at this time of the year, but an awesome place to go is the elk range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You can go on a sleigh ride through the elk range, where thousands of elk are within 20 feet of you. There are many more fun things to do in Teton County like this in the winter.

4. Build a Snowman
If you have snow in the winter, building a snowman is a must! You can have a snowman building contest with your kids and give them prizes for the most creative, best looking, etc. Bring out carrots, rocks, sticks, hats, and scarves for your kids to dress their snowmen up with. You can even have everyone work together to build the biggest snowman ever!
5. Build a Fire
Whether you have a fireplace indoors or a firepit in the backyard, build a fire and sit around it as a family. Tell stories and drink hot cocoa. This is a great time to talk to your children about being thankful and doing service for others at this time of the year. Let each child take a turn to tell a story or to tell how they will do an act of service for someone this season.
Enjoy these fun activities with your family. Get together with your family and plan a list of fun things you want to do this winter season.
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