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Websites are not just the way of the future anymore. They are the “here and now”. Whether you have a website for your mom blog, a start-up business, a sports podcast, or a large corporation, the design of your website has the potential to make or break you. Even if you offer an amazing and unique perspective in your blog or podcast, or if you have a ground-breaking product that you are selling, if your website looks unprofessional and spammy, you aren’t going to make it very far.
People are visual creatures. We like pretty designs, organization, and easy-to-read content. Here are some tips from an Idaho Falls web design company for you to keep your visitors satisfied upon first glance of your website.
Clear, Clutter-Free
Keep your website clutter free and well-organized. Have you ever been to a website that has so many ads, images, and so much text that it almost hurts your eyes to look at? There needs to be a clear focal point on each page of your website.
Don’t overload your visitors with text or images. Pick information and images that are important for your message, products, or services. Split up text with headings and bullet points. Keep paragraphs small – 3 to 5 sentences max.
Easy to Navigate
There should be a clear hierarchy to your navigation. Develop a navigation menu that will link to all of the main pages in your website. If possible, include drop-down menus from each item in your main menu to link to other pages related to that area on your website – like services, for example.
Make sure you have a contact page and a link to it in the main menu. Make sure you have an about page and a link to it in the main menu. You see where we’re going here? Make it easy for your website visitors to get around your website. If they can’t find where to contact you, you can’t expect those visitors to convert into customers.
Easy on the Eyes
The style and design of your website is crucial to keeping your website visitors satisfied. Choose colors and fonts that complement one another, creating a visually appealing presentation that doesn’t hurt your visitors’ eyes to read. Make sure the font isn’t too small or too large. Do your research on the best practices for designing a website. Look at your competitors’ websites to see what is working for them – but also try to create a unique brand for your business.
If you’re looking for affordable web design options for your business, try Smartly Done Websites. It has an array of unique web designs that can be customized to any business’s needs.

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