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Kids get excited about Halloween because of the candy and definite sugar overload that is sure to happen after they’ve finished trick-or-treating. All month long there are cookies and candies and sugary treats handed out to celebrate the holiday. But you don’t have to celebrate with sugar. You can still keep that excitement alive, but instead of using sugary treats, try some healthy and fun Halloween snacks.

A pediatric dentist Fairfax residents love put together this list of healthy Halloween snacks to help you keep your little one’s teeth looking good.
1. Ghost String Cheese
Get your Sharpie out for this one and draw a face on one of your kid’s favorite snacks. Sneak it into their lunch box. Let your kids play pretend with their string cheese ghost for a few minutes before eating it. You can even do this with other individually packaged snacks, like cups of mandarin oranges and peanut butter crackers.
2. Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Plate
Because food is always better in a fun shape, try this fruit plate out with your kids! You could even give them each a plate with different fruits to make their own jack-o-lantern.
3. Spiders on a Log
If your kids like celery and peanut butter, this is the perfect Halloween snack for them. All you need to add is a couple chocolate chips and some “spider legs” to bring this treat to life. You can thank Chelsea’s Messy Apron for this fun idea.
4. Veggie Skeleton
Another fun Halloween shape! Coming home to this veggie skeleton for an afterschool snack is sure to keep the Halloween excitement alive.
5. Cheese and Crackers
Take snacks that you make every day and give them a Halloween twist like Peas and Crayons did with these cheesy crackers. Use a cookie cutter or knife to make fun shapes in the cheese to put on the crackers.
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