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Do you have an appointment with your dentist this Halloween season? Hopefully not, but if you do, a periodontist in Washington D.C. put together this list of five do-it-yourself costumes that are sure to please, or terrify, your dentist.
1. Tooth Fairy
Of course a tooth fairy is a costume with great teeth! Dress your child up as this pretty princess-like tooth fairy this Halloween. With a tooth tiara, wand and bucket, she’ll be the perfect tooth fairy.
2. Vampire
Any Vampire Diaries fans out there? You have to check out this makeup tutorial if you want this great vampire look, eyes and teeth included.
3. Skeleton
Get artistic with these skeleton makeup looks. Make your teeth as perfect or frightening as you want them to be with this DIY costume idea.
4. Shark
Give your child the biggest teeth around with this shark costume. Easily fashion a gray sweat suit into a shark with the help of your hot glue gun.
5. Cheshire Cat
Know for his smile, give this Cheshire Cat look a try. This is the perfect costume for any lover of pink and purple or classic animated films.
Get started now on your DIY Halloween costumes. The possibilities are limitless, so let your creativity take over and have fun!
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