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Movies can provide us with tears of laughter, sadness, joy, and even fear. We can all think of a particular movie or film that provides each of these, and certain aspects make them so memorable for us. For the team of Farmington NM dentists at Desert Hills Dental Care, it is often the teeth in the movie that make them so memorable. The following are our top five memorable teeth, from five memorable movies:
#1 Dumb and Dumber
The smile and chipped tooth of Lloyd Christmas is without a doubt a hilarious image that some often cannot forget. Actor Jim Carrey had a remarkable performance that left us laughing and quoting to this very day.
#2 Austin Powers
International man of mystery Austin Powers was a charmer with his suede suits and colorful…well, teeth. Providing laughs and inside jokes for many, actor Mike Myers created a memorable character we won’t soon forget, along with leaving dentists everywhere cringing.
#3 The Goonies
The adventurous group of adolescents in The Goonies sparked our desire to explore and opened our minds to new possibilities. One character we can’t forget is Sloth, the disfigured but caring giant from the Fratellis family. His role in the movie is crucial, and his need for a dental checkup even more crucial!
#4 The Lord of the Rings
Gollum, once known as Smeagol, was a hobbit that played a major role in The Lord of the Rings series. His finding of the One Ring left him withered and broken as he tried to hang on to his ‘precious’ as long as he could. Although many of us were creeped out, your local dentist was even more scared of the dental needs he had!
#5 How The Grinch Stole Christmas
With termites in his smile and a soul full of gunk, the Grinch is an unforgettable character that we often think of during the holiday season. With the kind and caring nature of Cindy Lou Who, the Grinch’s heart was softened and attitude changed. Unfortunately his teeth are still in need of some serious work!
Believe it or not, our smiles can make a great impression on those around us. Be sure that you are making a great impression by taking care of your teeth and visiting your dentist regularly. Additionally, always remember to smile big and enjoy the laughs that come from spending time with friends and family, or even from your favorite movie!

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