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Family vacations are fun, but it can be a challenge to find something everyone will love. This is especially true with teenagers. Younger kids are easy. As long as you include a playground or some kind of themed entertainment they are completely happy, but the teens will appear bored no matter what.

This year you can try something different when planning the annual trip. Let your older children help decide where to go. Begin by choosing an activity that interests them. Then you can choose a vacation destination that centers on that specific activity. Use the following suggestions to get you started.

Theme Parks
If you have a thrill seeker, take a trip to the theme park capital of the country; Orlando, Florida. Here you’ll find the four Disney parks, Sea World, and the Universal resort along with plenty of water parks. Rides range from mild to wild with something for every age group.

Do you have a teenager who was fascinated with their American History class? A trip to historic Williamsburg would be ideal. They can see for themselves exactly where those heroic tales took place, and they’ll gain a better understanding of how far we’ve come as a nation.

Do your kids love to be outside? There are many activities the entire family can enjoy while outdoors. Guided hunting trips are available at places like South Carolina’s Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Adventurous types may enjoy the Hatfield-McCoy ATV trails in West Virginia. For something tamer, explore the many trails found in the national parks across the country.

If your family loves to relax by the edge of the water, this country has two coast lines dotted with family friendly beaches. Don’t limit yourself to just the Ocean shores. The Great Lakes have several interesting beaches that can be enjoyed throughout the summer months.

Once your teens feel like they were involved in the planning they will be more interested in going on that annual vacation with the family. Allowing them to take part in activities that interest them will get them excited, and you will find new ways to connect with them while making memories that will last a lifetime.

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