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It can be challenging for women who wear plus size clothes to find outfits that are as fashionable and flattering as they deserve. Fortunately, companies these days are realizing the untapped potential of the plus size market and finally making gorgeous clothes for women who wear a larger size. Voluptuous ladies still have to search a little more diligently than smaller women, however, and should be more careful to buy quality, well made clothes. Here are some tips for finding plus size clothes that fit well and look great.

First, every woman should know her real measurements. Clothes sizes, especially for women, are notorious for varying between companies. Even within the same brand, different styles of clothes will use different measurements to determine their sizes. If you know your exact measurements, you can shop online and use the measurements provided to find something that really fits. Use a standard tape measure, and be sure to write down your measurements for future use. This will make future shopping easier.

Next, check out the newer plus size clothing brands, especially those found online and in trendy shopping areas. Many department stores have a section devoted to plus size clothes, but they are only a small part of their offering and are often more conservative and plain. Instead, look at smaller boutiques that specialize in plus size, trendy clothes. You can find some amazing things in these stores, although they also tend to be more expensive. Splurge on at least one amazing outfit each season and add it to your regular wardrobe to get the most out of your money.

Finally, be sure to check out the many great specialty shops online for plus size options that you may never have known existed. For example, if you’re in the market for plus size riding breeches, check out English Habit, which offers plus size English riding equipment. Similarly, you can easily find plus size uniforms, costumes, and athletic wear online. Once again, having your measurements on hand will make shopping at one of these retail stores a breeze.

Plus size clothes don’t have to be boring or plain. Fashion designers now recognize the importance and beauty of this emerging market and are making beautiful new plus size options. Take your measurements and use them to shop in boutique stores and online shops to find the best clothes.

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