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When you own a boat, making it easy to get in and out of the water can help you save time and effort. Your boating time is probably already more limited than you’d like, so using a convenient boat lift is an excellent way to keep your boat ready to go when you are.
Why Choose a Boat Lift?
Most boaters agree, there are many benefits to using a boat lift. One of the biggest advantages is that you won’t have to worry about towing your boat. Other benefits include protecting your boat from marine life and the slime and barnacles that tend to build up on the hull when you keep your boat in the water. While a slimy hull is certainly unsightly, barnacles, slime and zebra mussels can also be destructive. When your boat is stored on a lift, it’ll stay cleaner, but it will also be protected from floating debris that might happen to be in the water.
What Size Boat Lift?
The size of lift will depend on the size of your boat. However, when you choose boat lift floats, such as those offered by Carolina Waterworks, you’ll be able to customize your lift as your boating needs change. For example, if you ever decide to move up to a larger size boat, you can simply add new sections onto your current lift to accommodate your new boat.
Important Features to Look for in a Boat Lift
Running electricity to your dock is not always realistic. However, you’ll find excellent lifts that require no remote control in order to lift your boat out of the water. Whether you choose a lift that utilizes 110v power or solar power, you’ll always be able to protect your boat.
Other features to consider include a maintenance free, non skid deck that is easy on your feet and makes maintenance and cleaning of your boat much easier. Additionally, you should consider how you want to mount your lift to your dock. Whether you choose a side mount or front mount, be sure that your lift will be able to be mounted the way you prefer.
Taking care of your boat can help ensure you’ll get plenty of fun from your watercraft. A lift can help cut down on cleaning and maintenance, so you can spend more of your time out on the water.

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