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If you have decided to take that long awaited trip to Paris, and you are feeling ambiguous about hotel lodging, it may be time to look at short term rentals Paris has to offer. Often these spaces are less expensive and make visitors feel more like they have a home away from home. Owners often will tell renters about the local neighborhood and recommend eateries and shops to minimize the amount of time you may spend looking for all the best places to visit. There are a few things you must consider before taking this leap, however.

Know Your Own Limits
Some people are fairly open when it comes to staying in private spaces that have been inhabited by other families. Others, however, become a little squeamish when they think about using the toilet in someone’s private home. Before taking your trip and committing to a stay in a stranger’s home, you should know your own boundaries very well. There will not likely be a staff to clean up after you or fix things that are not working properly. Be sure you can handle the stranger’s space as you would your own.

Ask About Insurance and Refunds
Private rental owners may not insure you or your belongings while you are staying in their space. You should always secure your own insurance to make sure most likely incidents are covered. Additionally, you should ask what the owner’s refund policy is to make sure you understand what is at stake when you pay a deposit or pay your balance in full. In some cases, owners may not return any portion of your payment, no matter what the circumstance.

Know the Neighborhood
While it is true some owners may focus on promoting their properties first and care about your safety as a last priority, you should take the initiative to learn more about the neighborhood on your own. There are countless reviews and testimonials online, but you can also check the newspapers and call the city or local law enforcement to ask. It is better that you know what you will be walking into on unfamiliar ground so that you can be properly prepared.

Always take the precautions to make sure your trip is as safe as possible. You are traveling to have a good time, but you also must stay aware of the rental you are reserving. It is better to ask a lot of questions now than have too many of the wrong answers later.

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