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Rosenkranz Photography is an example of the marriage of modern art with corporate patronage, exemplified in the person of the artist himself. When you gaze at a great work of art in an ancient chapel or modern museum, you may not immediately be put in mind of all the hard work the artist had to go through to create that famous image. You will most likely not even spare a moment of thought to reflect upon the patronage that great artist had to receive in order to even be able to take the time to make it.

With the foundation of Rosenkranz Photography, the artist has married his two competing fields of interest: commerce and art. While some may object to the meeting of these two polar opposites, Rosenkranz continues to prove them wrong in the best way possible – by showing the world that the two worlds can coexist, and even strengthen each other. His photography is magnificent, while his perspective is well and truly unique.

Patronage Through The Ages: A Noble Tradition In Art
Patronage, whether royal, religious, or corporate, has played a great and noble role in the tradition of art all throughout the ages. For example, the vast majority of the frescoes, statues, and other works that adorn the halls and walls of buildings constructed in the great age of the European Renaissance were made possible through the ambition and generosity of patrons such as the Medeci family. Since then, many a noble family, from the Rothschild to the Getty, has proved itself a great successor to this ancient tradition.

Self Patronage: Ego Or Enlightenment?
While many would tend to believe that such patronage of the arts is due to mere financial or egotistical calculations on the part of the people that render it, the truth is that considerations are irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. Now imagine an artist such as Rosenkranz, who has essentially given himself the go ahead to become a great modern artist and photographer, simply by patronizing his own efforts through the largess he has received as a corporate CEO. Such a move is radical, unprecedented, and very admirably American in its audacity and vision.

The Rosenkranz Tradition Continues In The Modern Age
Great entrepreneurs, such as Robert Rosenkranz, are not only contributing mightily to the funding and preservation of modern works of art, but are also creating new works of their own. Patronage is certainly not a relic of the Middle Ages or Renaissance period, it is alive and well in the 21st century. No one has exemplified more typically and classically the great meeting of commerce and art than Rosenkranz.

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