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At the flying school in Sydney, you will be guided through the maze of “how to” and “when to” as related to aerial-acrobatic exercises. The turns, the rolls, the flips and the spirals will leave you breathless yet longing for more. Professional trainer/pilots welcome newcomers to this field of aviation. The newcomers emerge with a sense of awe and inspiration ready to tackle any would-be headwind and to drink in the beauty and magnificence that is Australia. Until you have experienced a roll or a loop, you have no idea what it is like to be thrilled and frightened at the same time. Roller coasters can’t compare with the exhilaration you will feel when you experience aerobatics.

Also available to these adventure seekers are scenic tours during which the exquisite array of Australian landscapes are made visible in a way far superior to exploring its properties from the ground and in much less time. There is no better way to see all of Australia than from an aerial sightseeing tour. The tranquil shores, the majestic mountains and the arid deserts are merely a portion of the country you can visually experience from the air.

As an added bonus, the most exuberant thrill-seekers will be given the opportunity to complete some simple and safe aerial acrobatics themselves. Through the joy flight program made available by the Australia Aerobatic Academy, instructors assist those who dare to make such aerobatic maneuvers. This experience provides additional thrills and chills for the strong-at-heart. Having the ability to control the movements of the plane within itself greatly adds to the excitement of being airborne. All antics are governed closely by fully-trained flight instructors who verify the would-be pilot is certain of the abilities and specifications of the aircraft. Whether you prefer to take the safe, scenic tour or the exhilarating do-it-yourself joy flight, all passengers are welcome.

Invite your family, your friends or your co-workers to join in the fun and the excitement. They will have the ride of their lives. No more will land travel be of uttermost interest. Your family and friends will show the enthusiasm that is missing when alternative holidays are suggested.

The flight instructors have the background and experience necessary to train beginners as well as advanced pilots. All flight school courses are available from the start-up “how to fly” programs through the courses needed to receive a private pilot’s license. Due to safety regulations, all basic programs must be completed successfully prior to the receipt of aerobatic lessons. The aerobatic antics appear to be rather simple; however, when completed incorrectly, they are problematic or even dangerous. Even if completed correctly, there is an element of danger that must be addressed. It is their utmost desire to keep our aircraft intact and our clients safe. Those affiliated with this academy know that the sky has no limits.
If you wish to know more about the many flight programs available through the Australia Aerobatic Academy, contact them for information or see their website at

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