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If you’re in the market for a new boat, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the choices out there. How can you decide which one is right for you? Here are just three tips for choosing the next S.S. Incredible.

1. Buy the Right Type

While they can be used interchangeably, fishing boats are really quite different from recreational boats. They’ll both give you a fun afternoon on the water, but catching those red rocks will be much simpler if you’re on a boat designed for crabbing rather than windsurfing.

2. Attend Boat Shows

You should never purchase a boat without inspecting it first. The good news is that boat shows can get your feet wet even if you’re new to the whole business of buying and selling. Attend the show, view the models, ask questions, take notes and get advice from real people who spend their lives on the water.

3. Consider Price

The cost of the watercraft itself is only one of the expenses you’ll face if you’re looking to become a boat owner. You’ll also have to think about gas to get you on the ocean and docking fees when you get back. You’ll need to stock your boat with ropes, anchors and fishing lines. You’ll need to make room in your budget for cleaning costs.

These are just three tips for buying a boat. Whether you’re a first-time fisherman or an old sailor looking to upgrade his voyage equipment, use these tips as a guideline for buying a solid and dependable boat. Check out brands like Dixon’s Marine Group to learn more.

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