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Most horses will need riding and extra supplements after spending the winter locked up in the stables. It can be a little hard to jump start them for the spring and summer months especially if they are in their middle to senior years. That is why boosting them with extra supplements will help bring them back to full fitness quicker and get them ready for the show season. Here are some tips on how you can do this for little cost:

  • Taking care of their joints during the winter months is something that should be in your yearly plan. Throughout the winter they can stiffen and this means that when you start to exercise them hard in the spring it can cause problems in their performance. To overcome this using glucosamine that can be found in brands such as Equine America will help rebuild cartilage and lesson joint wear and tear.
  • Immune systems are very important in animals especially as they are prone to catching all sorts of infections and parasites from the soil. It is important to consider feeding them supplements that are specially designed to give them a boost as it can also help lower your vet bills.
  • Diet is extremely important but although many owners will spend a fortune on this their horse may have problems digesting food. This means that valuable nutrients will not be getting to them and they may have bowel troubles. A simple digestive supplement will help relive this problem and you will be able to see the results quickly. Therefore you should look to NAF supplements that can provide great solutions that are quick and easy to administer.
  • Building muscle is very important when in training and doing this legally for competition animals are imperative. Using a simple muscle supplement like one from Animalife will help improve your horse’s performance and will help every training session count.

This is how using simple supplements can give great improvements in your horse’s overall health and performance. Getting them back in shape after a few months in the stables doesn’t have to be a hard task if you use the right supplements.


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