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The use of Medical Records Software in hospitals and other major health institutions is beneficial to both patients and health care providers. For the part of the patient, there would be lesser errors on their records compared to the manual recording of files using paper. Using the software allows the easy access of their complete medical records and history at any time there is a need for them. On the part of the doctors and health care providers, the use of the software will allow them to increase the number of patients that they can serve each day. And since the medical records can be transferred easily from one department to another, they will have an easier time accessing the records that they need. Long Term Care can also be given to patients since they have their complete medical history as well as progress reports on how patients respond to current treatments that are being given to them. With the use of Nursing Home Software, patients are provided with the best kind of treatment that they need during the entire duration of their stay at the medical facility and even after their release.

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