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Using a number of appliances and electronic gadgets at home and at the office means you also have to deal with a lot of cables and wires. And since these appliances and electronic gadgets have their own purpose and have to be used on a regular basis, you must learn how to deal with all the cables and wires that are lying around the house. To keep your home and office space clean, organized and safe, organizing all the wires and cables is a must. Not doing so does not only add to the stress that you’ll be feeling when you see how disorganized everything is but can also create a safety hazard such as when someone accidentally trip on a wire that is currently plugged into an electrical socket.

A great way to tidy up all the cables and wire is use products such as Cableslaps, which are similar to slap bracelets that were in fashion years ago. They are used to wrap around the bundles of wire that you have. They are constructed with a solid steel bistable spring core for durability and a silicone outer casing that can hold together cables and wires. Cableslaps come in two sizes. The small one works great for cables used in gadgets such as digital cameras, mobile phones, iPod, iPhones and the like. The large sized Cableslaps are suitable for larger cables such as the extensions cords and the cables that we use for our computers. Cableslaps also have a unique design that does not cause interference with electronic devices. They are also available in different colors such as blue, pink, gray, orange, green, and white. You can use a color coding system for all your cables and wire to easily distinguish them from one another. When you need to adjust the cable for a certain device, you would know which one to adjust.

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