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People take photos for a variety of reasons. A photo can help them document an important event in their lives, capture an emotion, or simply remember a person’s face. When we look at a photograph, we don’t only see the image but we are also made to feel the emotions that are captured along with it. Whenever we miss someone, we just look at their photograph and we instantly feel that they’re beside us. The accessibility of digital cameras has made it possible for people to take photos whenever they want. There are also quite a number of options available when it comes to printing the photos we have taken. We can also store them in different ways so that we will always have a copy of all the wonderful photos we have taken.

As a mom, I fully understand what it means when other parents say that their children grow up too fast; it’s like in a blink of an eye, their kids are all grown up. I guess one of the reasons why I have taken up photography is that I want to document every important event in my daughter’s life. I want to have a reminder of every stage of her life. When she’s a bit older, she can look at the photos if she wants to be reminded of the important events in her life and the wonderful people she met along the way. I have so many memorable photos of her that choosing just one as my favorite would be difficult. But if I were made to choose one that will be the subject of portrait photography kent, I would most likely choose a photo that captures her unique personality – her boundless energy, her infectious smile, her inner beauty. That portrait will indeed be something that the whole family will cherish.

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