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Posted by Gaylord Campbell

It is a really good thing that I went ahead and found this web site before the spring months came along. The website I am talking about is this one and I was able to save money on my energy bills by finding it. The reason why it is a good thing is because my children cannot seem to understand the fact that we pay hard earned good money to air condition this house. They will take off with their friends and run out the door with the screen door slamming behind them but do they bother to shut the actual door? The door that holds in all the precious conditioned air. The door that keeps me from sweating to death in my own living room is not shut. It never is. I feel like I just run around checking to see if all the exterior doors and windows on my house are closed at all times. Like I am the warden of the windows in my house. Is it too much to ask to close the door when you go out of it? I think not.

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