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This guest post from Lewis Beck

My husband surprised me on Valentine’s Day with something that I have been wanting forever. I couldn’t believe that I got an iPad. He was so sly and sneaky about it. I take care of our finances and didn’t even see a charge for the iPad. It turns out that he already thought about me being sneaky and trying to find out what I got. He had been saving bits of cash up here and there and paid for it with cash. Anyway, I love the ipad! I get up in the morning and use my clear 4g internet to read all of the newspapers that I like in the morning while I drink my coffee. The picture and resolution is really great! It is so thin, I can take my iPad everywhere. I have also gotten some really cool apps for it already. Some of my favorite apps are actually games. I love a game that my friend Enas told me to get. It is called “Scramble with Friends”. It is made by Zynga, the same company that created “Words with Friends”. You can even use your same screen name. I love the iPad, it was a fabulous gift!

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