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The use of e-cigarette is becoming more and more popular among cigarette smokers who are looking for a more socially acceptable alternative to actual cigarette smoking. E-cigarette is an electrical device which simulates tobacco smoking. In certain instances when a person wants to smoke but he is in a place where smoking is prohibited, having an e-cigarette is ideal. E-cigarette produces vapor which disappears after a few seconds. It does not have any offensive smell which makes it ideal for those who want to smoke in an area where there are non-smokers. With e-cigarettes, they can smoke even in areas where smoking is prohibited. They can be bought in starter packs through several commercial stores and even in online stores. An e-cigarette starter kit includes the cigarette pack, batteries, charger and cartridge that come in the strength and flavor of your choice. Customers are not limited to just one flavor since there are many flavors to choose from.

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