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It’s another day, another blog photo challenge day! I would like to thank everyone for joining yesterday. Your participation is highly appreciated!
Note to all participants: On behalf of the admin of this blog photo challenge, I regret to announce that multiple entries from one blogger will no longer be accepted. If you happen to own multiple blogs, it is best for you to alternate each blog a day. Thank you for your consideration.


I’m glad we have some candles to use.

We had a pretty nasty weather last night. Wind + rain + lightning = Texas! When it rains here it pours really hard and it floods the whole street. We don’t  have a power since midnight and no Internet, and the only thing I have right now is my phone. Hopefully we will have power back soon coz I’m super hungry right now. I can’t cook anything! Helllllppp!!!!

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17 Responses to “#25/366 BPC | Blackout”

  • oh no! I hope the power will get back soon Mommy Dhemz 🙁 my husband works in a power company, wish we are neighbor coz he will help you put your power back so you can cook and be happy. Brown-out is scary especially at night 🙁 visiting from #25 of BPC.

  • Aws Mommy! Hugging you back! Hope power will be back there in your place!

  • Pinx says:

    hope your power will be fixed the soonest mami Dhemz…saon na lang ang blog.. hahahaha..

  • Leah H. says:

    Same thing had happened here yesterday afternoon. Nag black out but lasted for 5 minutes ra hinuon. Hope mubalik na ang power ninyo kay lisod kau basta wala kuryente can’t do anything:( Wala diay mo generator, Mommy

  • hope your weather is a lot better now, Dhemz! so relieved that I could finally open your page. I am very much back in the challenge!

  • Vhen says:

    awwww, bad! sana magkapower na kayo sis…

  • imriz@home says:

    at ever reliable ang iphone kahit brownout. ang galing tlg pag iphone:)

    hope the power’s been restored now.

  • Euroangel says:

    hoping that the black out is over! joining the challenge today!

  • emzkie says:

    aguy wala diay kuryente dira sa inyuha Dhemz. pwede man ka makaluto, imo lang sindihan ang stove. maoy akong ginahimo. unless kato ng flat inyoha. dili dyud masindihan. i was wishing for one before, kay naglisod ko ug limpyo aning among classic na stove. katong nag black out diri, na appreciate dyud nako sya. i hope naa namo kuryente. by the way, humot ng honeydew? =)

  • Gengen says:

    Hmm wa mi candle sa balay ba pero daghan kaayo mi ug flashlights naa pod mi lamp napalit na namo when we went camping hayag kaayo. Mao pod amo gamit when we have storm two days gyd brownout naa noon mi generator hehe. Visit ko madam nagpost nako.

  • Bless says:

    Kamo na sab dha gablack out. I hope balik na inyo power kay lisod jud walay kuryente esp tigtugnaw ron.

  • Shydub says:

    yikes, mao d i perting mingawa nimu diha bayot. cge lng humot mn inyo candila hehehee

  • mommynuts says:

    how’s the weather today? I hope that everything is okay now.. always keep candles or emergency light and always be ready in this kind of weather.

  • loue says:

    Good Luck, hehehe. maynalang naa candle para maka pangukay pa ka sa ref.. God Bless hope balik na ang power supply.

  • take care always sis, that’s a nice candle by the way ;0

  • seny says:

    thanks for dropping by guessing you got your power back!

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