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It’s another day, another blog photo challenge day! I would like to thank everyone for joining yesterday. Your participation is highly appreciated!

Note to all participants: On behalf of the admin of this blog photo challenge, I regret to announce that multiple entries from one blogger will no longer be accepted. If you happen to own multiple blogs, it is best for you to alternate each blog a day. Thank you for your consideration.

She was very excited this morning and can’t wait to show her project to her friends.

Daughter’s 100th day of school is coming up. As part of their 100th day celebration, students were asked to make something using 100 items and put it on a poster board. For Akesha’s project, I helped her made a simple yet very colorful picture last weekend. A house, a garden and a rainbow. She had fun gluing those  100 pieces. It took me awhile to find a verse that goes with her project. I’m glad I found a good one!

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18 Responses to “#23/366 BPC | 100th Day Project”

  • Pinx says:

    ka-kuti! hehehe… wala koy talent ana mami Dhemz! di gani ko kabalo mo-drawing! bitaw, nice kay naa sila 100th day celebration with matching projects. liked the FB page pud.

  • Leah H. says:

    Cute naman ni Akesha:) Super colorful gyud girl..Like it:)

  • clarizze says:

    oh, i thought the verse came with the stuff. salute u for not only coming up with a pretty piece, but, the theme was inspiring, especially for kids. to value what God has created.

  • Chie says:

    im back…psensya nawala ko sa passing sis. Very good Akesha for creating this lovely art of course with the help nimo sis. hehehe kacute sa iyang penmanship

  • Wow! That is so creative of you Mommy!!! Congrats!!

  • Betchay says:

    Ayay ka nindot oi,sus ako la jud talent ana,maayo pa si Akesh nindot pag project ako junakis permi murag gi kuris kurisan ang iya mga project kay dili man ang momsi kamao waaah! hehehe. Good Job Akesh!

  • Rcel says:

    That is very beautiful Akesh! Congrats to you and Mommy for coming up with such neat project! I am wowed! Creative kaayo and nicely done! 🙂 That deserves an A+ from the teacher! 🙂

  • seny says:

    You are so creative dhemz! thumbs up! Akesha should get an A++ for that!

  • Bless says:

    Aw, that is such a beautiful project! Congrats to Mommy Dhemz and pretty Akesha for doing such a great job!

  • Shydub says:

    wow, gorgeous and colorful. that project will sure the best project in the classroom bayot. nindot jd basta naa artistic nga inahan sa. good job akesha. im sure your teacher will be happy to see your work sweetie

  • Webbloggirl says:

    she did a good job..nice fave one here is no. 7 ginataan..miss eating that food! joining this week again!

  • what a great project Akesha and Mommy Dhemz, liked it 🙂 Private cya nag skul Mommy Dhemz. Visiting from #23 of BPC

  • aian says:

    that was nice! ang hirap din mag-isip ng 100 items na gagamitin huh, ang galing!

  • Gengen says:

    cute ba sa imo anak…Joining.

  • mommynuts says:

    She must be very proud of the project. My entry is somewhat similar to this, but my daughter wasn’t really happy with it, hehe. Good job Akesha and Mom! The verse brightens up my day!

  • Mom's Place says:

    awww..100 days na? dalia ra oi..nya 100 pieces pod ka buok nga ipilit sa iyang board…creative pod Akesha dah, naka buo man..ganahan diay sya ug dikit-dikit hehehe. nice bonding pod ninyong duha.

  • loue says:

    Wow very creative and it really look nice… pwede na mag artist si miss akesha..

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