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I would like to thank everyone for participating yesterday. Thanks guys!
Note to all participants: On behalf of the admin of this blog photo challenge, I regret to announce that multiple entries from one blogger will no longer be accepted. If you happen to own multiple blogs, it is best for you to alternate each blog a day. Thank you for your consideration.
What a bummer morning! I’m here at the park waiting for the tow truck to rescue me. I have a flat tire! I’ve noticed it when I get off the freeway from Akesha’s school. When I heard the plap pap sound, I knew it was the tire. So I drove pretty slow trying to get to the nearest park. I hope the tow truck guy will get here pretty soon. Thanks to my handy dandy phone. I won’t be able to post this without it.

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18 Responses to “#18 BPC | Flat Tire”

  • oh no! Mommy Dhemz that is not a good thing 🙁 I can’t imagine how freak out you are 🙁 I would too, glad that you are not in the middle of the thru-way when you have the flat tire 🙂 Joining and visiting from #18 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  • Mommy Dhemz I am your new follower and liked your FB page too 🙂 be careful and stay safe while driving 🙂

  • Leah H. says:

    Oh, rescue me:) Mao na ang drama nimo karon, Mommy:) Musta man ang weather danha sa Texas, init, tugnaw or what? Wawa ka naman na stranded ang beauty:)

    Here’s mine:)

  • Rcel says:

    Uh-oh! That sure isn’t a pretty sight at all! I hope you will be rescued there pretty fast! Kung diri pa na sa among bukid, pastilan, below zero among temperature diri karon, saon nalang! Maygani nahatud na nimo si Akesh? Ug maygani nakagawas pa ka sa free-way. Daghan kaayo maygani. But I am glad you are safe and have safely exited ra. Rescue will come soon for you! 😀

    Gamhanan jud na imong cellphone Dhemz kay naka-post jud ka. Pa-kopya ta na bi kay gusto pud ko ug ing-ana. LOL.

    O diva, early bird ko karon no? Haha!

  • emzkie says:

    aguy! stress kaau na ba no? i experience that one 2 years ago in a snowy day of 5am in the morning. i hit the curb really hard cz the car was sliding side to side because of the snow. good thing it was not that far from where im gonna pick hubby. he change the tire for me. at this time of the year.. we need to check the tires dyud before we go somewhere. ana akong bana.

  • imriz@home says:

    aw, busted morning! buti na lang anjan c iphone to make blog posting a way to kill that stressful event:)

    i wonder how much would the towing cost u?

  • Halaka! Naa pa diay ka dira sa gawas. Sus, maayo unta mo abot na ang toll truck. Kapoy gyud ning flat tire.

    Anyway, admire ko sa imong beauty kay kabalo ka mo drive. Weeehhh!!!

  • seny says:

    Ouch! that sucks dhemz! I hate it for you!

  • Europa says:

    another cool meme here..guapa my blog would like to join..thanks for backed soon!

  • Betchay says:

    Ayayay! mao jud nay dili naku gusto ma hitabo sa ako ang ma flat tan unsaon nalang nga nerbyusa ra ba jud ko,mabangga jud ko bag-o pako maka hunong sa daplin…I’m glad you are fine sis,hope na rescue naka by this time 🙂

  • anygen says:

    Agoy unsa na ni, na flatan ka sis D… agoy driving mode nasad diay ka diha, may paka kamao na. Ako walay chance kay ang amo no support. Anyway, hope na picked up na ka diha.. agi ko…

    Sis, wala diay ko kadawat ug card from you. Delayed to for sure… salamat daan basin this week naa nato… Thanks!

  • Bless says:

    Oh no! that is not good. This is what I am dreading too nga maflatan, especially if naa sakay ng mga bata 🙂 I hope you are ok na dha.

  • Shydub says:

    poor you bayot, kalooy sd nimu uy, maayo gyud naa photo. but glad to hear that you’re home safe and sound. Mao na nakaparat tsang no basta mag drive nga kita ra. hanas na sd kayao ka tsang mga ingon ana sitwasyon so mura wala lng, ga blog pa hahaa ganahan ko da LOL.

  • Gengen says:

    Aguy maayo kay safe ka madam…Just posted mine…

  • Vhen says:

    awww sad to hear that mommy, hope all is well now?

  • Webbloggirl says:

    not a good thing to happen..glad to know that ur safe..

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