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First of, thank you mamiRubz for fixing all my blogs. I don’t know what I’d do without your help. Thanks for the rescue. My apologies to all participants of 366 Blog Photo Challenge for what happened yesterday.

It’s another day, another blog photo challenge day! I would like to thank everyone for joining. Your participation is highly appreciated!

Meet Akesha’s new “pet” toy. She got it last Christmas. She named her BELLA. Hubby and I have no idea where she got the name from. She barks when you clap your hands, and she makes chewing noises when the included bone is held to her mouth!

Note to all participants: On behalf of the admin of this blog photo challenge, I regret to announce that multiple entries from one blogger will no longer be accepted. If you happen to own multiple blogs, it is best for you to alternate each blog a day. Thank you for your consideration.

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