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Airsoft is a popular recreational sport where players get to use replica weapons that use non-metallic pellets. The game is played at a designated field and they simulate activities such as combat situations and re-enactments of historical events. The firearms or weapons that the players use are exact replica of the originals. They even have the same texture, weight and functions as real firearms. There are some ultra-realistic rifles that are specifically designed for the police and the military to be used during non-lethal training. Airsoft Pistol and automatic electric airsoft guns are the most commonly used weapons. Airsoft clubs and associations are very strict about implementing the regulations to ensure the safety of the players. Proper gears should be worn at all times. This includes wearing thick clothes that completely cover the arms and the legs. Although the pellets that they use do not seriously wound a player, it still stings a lot especially if they are shot at a closer range. Goggles should also be worn to protect the eyes. Face mask are used to cover the face and to avoid damage to one’s teeth.

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