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If you are one of those who are constantly thinking of ways of how you can save money, you might consider paying your bills on time. The interests and penalties that you pay for overdue bills may seem small to you at first but if you compute all of the penalties you have paid, you will see that they will total to a considerable amount of money. The money that you have paid should have been used for other purposes instead or they may be added to your savings. There may be several reasons why you end up paying overdue payments to your bills. You may be too busy with work that you cannot keep track of all the due dates of the bills that you have to pay every month. Monthly dues for your electricity bill, water bill or phone bill may be at different dates which may cause you to overlook some of them. One solution would be to avail of electronic payment. Electronic Payments allow you to pay all your monthly bills on time. The amount needed to pay for your bills will just be deducted to your bank account at the appropriate time. How convenient is that?!

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