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Dozens of job fairs are being held each year so that those who are unemployed will have a greater chance of finally being able to find a job that is suitable for them. It is a convenient way for job applicants to apply for jobs at multiple companies on the same day. They do not have to visit each company’s office separately. There is a common area where all the jobs available like drivers wanted are listed. The applicant would then choose which companies he would apply to. He can apply to all of them if he wants to. He needs to make sure though that he has all the necessary documents that he need to submit to each company. On most occasions, preliminary interviews are conducted. Each company has a representative that is qualified to conduct the initial screening. They will determine whether the applicant is qualified to proceed to the next phase or not. There are even instances where the applicant is hired on the spot. These job fairs are usually announced online and through daily publications like newspapers.
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