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Honestly, it took me forever to find the name of this flower. It’s called Yellow-Berried Nightshade. Thanks to google! I found this fine shrub when we went hiking last weekend. It grows by the roadside. It’s very attractive and beautiful with fine light purple flowers.

Perhaps more medical assistants and registered or certified nurse practitioners should look into alternatives in medicine and treatment.

According to my research, this is considered as one of the medicinal plants in the world. Its root is used in medicine to treat asthma, cough, bronchspasm, sore throat, constipation, an effective expectorant and diuretic. Its juice application is beneficial in baldness. Its is also used for treatment of fever and cough in animals.

This is my entry for this week’s Macro Friday, Give Me Your Best Shot, Photo Story FridayColor Connectionand Flowers on Saturday.

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