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The start of a new school year also means buying everything that your school children need. Shopping for school supplies is something that parents need to attend two days before their kids go back to school again. Aside from that, buying clothes for them is also a necessity. Your kids may have grown a lot during the course of the summer that the clothes they used to wear to school will no longer fit them. Or it might be that their clothes might no longer be appropriate for their age. If you do not have that big of a budget for your kids clothes, you might want to shop dresses and skirts for your children at your local thrift shop or at online shops. You can browse for dresses online and see if there are some items that fit your budget. Try to mix and match like using the same skirt with a different blouse every time so that you can create different looks without having to spend a lot of money on clothes alone.
My daughter on the other hand wears uniform every single day. She goes to a private school in our city. I actually like the idea of wearing a uniform, that way I don’t need to worry of what clothes my daughter have to wear everyday. That’s just my opinion.

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