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Among the many transfer technologies being used in major factories these days is the pneumatic conveying system. Have you ever heard of this term before? This type of system is is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. It is most used by factories that use a lot of dry materials as raw materials for their products. A pneumatic conveyor is a big sturdy tube through which dry powdered materials are transferred to another area within the factory. These may include materials such as sand, cement, plastic pellets and flour. A pneumatic conveyor can be installed in an area that will fit around already existing equipment at the factory. Factories that use cements and other similar materials use this technology because it will make the transfer of such materials easier. Once advantage of using a pneumatic conveyor instead of mechanical conveying system is that since it only has fewer moving parts, maintenance is much easier. Since they use enclosed tubes, they are less likely to gather dust and dirt. This will ensure that the materials that are transferred will not be mixed with other materials or dirt. These raw materials, if they accidentally mixed with dust and dirt may produce products of lesser quality.

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