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My husband used to be in the insurance business and had his office located in Los Gatos. Good thing he found a great deal from another insurance agent that offers affordable leasing space. If you are looking for lease office space, you should visit Parkway Properties, Inc. They are dedicated to helping people get the office space that would fit their business. Having your office space in a good location is key to being successful. You would want clients to be able to find your office easily, and that is how Parkway Properties, Inc. can help you. This company is a member of the New York Stock Exchange can specializes in the operation, leasing and ownership of quality office space. They manage 14 million square feet of office space in 11 states and can help you find the professional office that you would want. If you have a property that needs leasing, and you want a company that can give you the value and professional service that you would want in a leasing company, you will want to choose Parkway Properties, Inc. They have great leasing services, and great management services to help you meet your office needs. You would want a company that can give you the customer service that you would need.

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