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I was so interested in getting a ring from Benchmark Rings.  So many of the stores in the mall carry Benchmark. They claim to be the first to have made the comfort fit rings.  If you aren’t familiar with comfort fit rings you should know they just feel better.  A lot of rings are just cut out of a pipe and have a sharp edge.  So comfort fit rings are much better.  Benchmark carries many different types of rings.  One of the newest are Benchmark palladium rings.  They carry these in the same styles as their platinum wedding bands.
There are many sites online that sell Benchmark rings.  You can get a great deal on
affordable tungsten carbide wedding bands from many sites online.  Recently they have released a few new types of rings.   They have made many of their popular styles in alternative metals like ceramic and cobalt chrome.  Many people have never heard of cobalt chrome rings but they are much like titanium but stronger and more scratch resistant.  In fact they are almost as tough as tungsten rings.

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