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QUESTION: What do you do when someone goes all suplado on you?

ANSWER: Ask him if he read Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips.

Yes, the notoriously witty comic is at it again. Stanley Chi, known for his antics in print and on TV, just released a humor book, Suplado Tips. The book is a collection of Chi’s notoriously popular Facebook posts that capitalize on the concept of being suplado.

But why are Chi’s  suplado tips such a hit? “Many of us have been oppressed in the workplace, in school, or at home. However, oppression usually results in repression – at least among us Filipinos,” Chi explained. “Each Suplado Tip is like an unfulfilled fantasy to stick it up to the boss. If you can’t be suplado in person, reading about what you could have done will be like scratching an itch.”

The Suplado Tips revolved around many popular topics, such as office politics, bullying, and relationships. Aside from suplado assertions that point to being suplado as the winning solution to everything, the book also points to the assumption that suplado is the new sexy.

Chi’s suplado tips actually started as Facebook posts which became popular shortly after. Soon, the Suplado Society of the Philippines came into fruition. It was a semi-somber way of giving tribute to the unprecedented popularity of Chi’s suplado pointers on Facebook. Soon, a book was in the works – and fans have been asking for copies, looking for it in bookstores, even before the book was released. Expectedly, the books started to sell out just a month after it was spotted on the shelves.

Suplado Tips by Stanley Chi is a compilation of witticisms dipped in just the right amount of sarcasm to make you flinch and laugh at the same time. My personal favorite: “Kung ayaw mo mabasted, huwag kang manligaw!”

Stanley Chi’s  Suplado Tips is now available in all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets nationwide. Warning: get your copy now before the book goes out of stock!

*This article was written by Stef dela Cruz and released by Alma Jones, both self-confessed bookworms. Alma Jones is also writing about online discounts, such as ix web hosting coupon codes and the go to meeting coupon.

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