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I remember those times in our family when washing dishes was coursed-through playing cards, I can never recall a time where I won the card game without my father coaching me, hence, and his absence would always send me washing all those loadful of dishes.

Now that I’m a bit learned, nobody’s gonna play with me anymore, all those little monsters has grown-up and now have lives of their own.

Had there be a poker school during those times I could have beaten them all.

If you ask me if there is really one, I would say, in fact, it’s the most accessible one.

Today, there’s an online professional poker school where coaches expose you to the best strategies to win the game. Signing up in their school allows you to access their forum, their poker rooms, and learn from best pros in the industry and the best part you earn money when you invite friends to join the community.

So why end up a loser when you can be a winner.

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