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Guest post written by Matt Rowling

I thought that I could get by in college like I did in high school, not taking any notes or anything. But boy was I wrong. Last semester was really rough once it got around time to exams and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to go into them without studying and get an A in the class. So this semester I’m going to actually start taking notes.

I’m not exactly sure how to take notes though so I went online while I was home for break to try and figure that out. While I was home doing that I ran across this website and after I read through it, I signed up for the internet service in my college apartment.

I’ve been a little slow on my note taking, but I’m picking it up better and I have good handwriting so I guess that I’m fortunate in regards to that. One of my roommates has the worst handwriting ever and sometimes he canÕt even read his own handwriting when heÕs studying.

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