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Are you familiar with baby backpacks? Honestly, I haven’t heard it used as much as baby carrier sling. While I was pregnant, I scoured the internet for the best slings and carriers, or sometimes they are also called wraps or pouches.

Personally, if I had a choice, I thought I would rather just hold my baby in my arms the whole day. Well, as soon as I gave birth, I realized that it wasn’t too effective. There are times when I just had to put her down because I needed to get things like milk, or fix up some food. I knew babies love the body heat, but there are just times when you need to use your arms and hands.

This is when I really looked for the best baby carriers in the market. I did not want my baby deprived of the heat she needed, especially during extreme cold weather. Using slings, I still have her very close to me, or her dad for that matter, and we still get to use our hands and arms for other things.

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