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Contributed by Milford Woods

I love playing tennis. The days when I get to play are the best days of my week. I start getting excited at home while I’m packing my bag with my racket, balls, and a towel. As I get dressed in my tennis clothes, I’m visualizing how well I’m going to play. By the time I’m setting my home security alarm i found at and going out the door, I’m literally flushed with excitement. I play at a local park and although it’s not the greatest court in the world, I can walk there which is just awesome. Lately, I’ve playing doubles with 3 other women from my neighborhood. We’re all pretty close together as far as skill so every game is a challenge. I feel like I can let it all out on the tennis court and I get a great workout at the same time. Regardless of who wins, the four of us always hang out and have a good time after the match. Although, to tell you the truth, I love to win and I always feel a little bit better when I do. Just writing this post make me want to go out and play right now.

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