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Guest post by Homer Nielsen

This afternoon I jumped in the shower, drank some coffee and threw on my baseball jersey and hat to help cheer on the team. I dont think I ever been so excited to go somewhere before. I had no fear that I wouldn’t make it there, I just pictured myself in the stands catching the ball in my new, leathery smelling glove. I jumped in my car at about 12:25 and as soon as I turned the key….there was nothing. Nothing at all except for the engine “trying” to turn over. I could not believe it, my one day to get out away from my wife and I was stuck at home, with her. Although I thought it would be horrible, that lovely wife of mine invited a few friends over and turned on the satellite t.v. from to watch the baseball game since I could not make it to the field. The game was amazing, the redsox won and I swear I still saw myself catching the ball in the stands, but then snapped back to reality and realized where I was sitting. In the end it wasn’t so bad, they won, I got chips and dip for free and quality time with the guys.

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