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I appreciate the guest post, Kelvin Armstrong

My favorite fall TV show premier was probably House. I enjoy watching this iconic TV character. He always has some sort of moral issue that colors his world. In the season premier of House the main character, Dr. Gregory House began an affair with his long time love interest, Dr. Lisa Cuddy Chief of Staff at their diagnostic clinic. House and Cuddy were also involved in a dilemma as to how to present news of their “relationship” to the staff at the clinic.

House and Cuddy play hooky from the clinic for a day while feathering their love nest. During this time there is a drama involving other members of the diagnostic team who need to have a neurosurgeon perform a particular surgery.They can not reach Dr. Cuddy, who who is relaxing at House’s apartment.

The staff finds a neurosurgeon who is sick, and have to treat him before he can operate. I enjoy watching House on satellite TV from This is an engaging show that I make part of my Monday night lineup. There is no other show on televison like it.

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