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Thanks for the guest post by Neville Mcintyre

a NASCAR race can be one of the most unforgettable experiences you could have. Even if you are not a fan of racing, the excitement of engines roaring around a track, droves of racing fans and racing memorabilia everywhere

the eye can see, can be exhilarating.

Traveling from upstate New York, all the way to North Carolina Speedway was an experience all of its own. The views were spectacular and the highways stretched on and on. We left the house early, not forgetting to set our Adt Security home systems first, and stopped to get some snacks, drinks and of course a map. We arrived at our destination about 11 hours later.

North Carolina Speedway was more than I had imagined, from what I had seen on t.v. watching the Sunday race with my father. There were thousands of people everywhere! Little shop trailers set up in rows selling all kinds of NASCAR memorabilia, from t-shirts and hats, to tires used by famous race car drivers in an actual race!

Security guards roamed the midways and entrances/exits, ensuring the safety of the fans and drivers. Any kind of food you could imagine and if you were to afraid to miss part of the race, vendors shouted out what they had and would make their way to you in the stand to quench your hunger or thirst.

The race was amazing! The cars were like lightning, whizzing around the track. Their engines roared like fighter jets. Its good thing I brought my earplugs! When my favorite driver took the lead I screamed as loud as I could hoping they could hear my support for them! I really wanted a pass to watch from the pit but I was strapped for cash at the time. I would totally go to another NASCAR race. It’s totally worth the time and money if you want to have a real good time. NASCAR is definetley a sport for all ages and something anyone can enjoy! Make plans to hit the road for a NASCAR race, whether it’s by yourself or with the whole family!

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