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Guest post written by Michelle Reed

There’s nothing better than getting together with my kids and grand kids and making some crafts or cooking or whatever we decide to do at that time.

I decided to have the clan over at my house last weekend for a day of fall fun and had a whole bunch of stuff to do. I did a bunch of research for some fun things to do with my CLEAR Wireless Internet Pittsburgh and came up with all kinds of great ideas.

But the main thing that we concentrated on was making Halloween candy. That included making jsut plain chocolate candy by melting down bits and then pouring them into molds of ghosts and all kinds of ghouls. We let the smaller kids do that.

The adults worked on some trickier stuff like making some candy bark out of all kinds of store bought Halloween candy and melted white chocolate. We basically just took chocolate and melted it down. Then we mixed in Reeses pieces, M & Ms and all kinds of other candies into the bark.

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